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Heat & Pour Spanish Cocoa

Recreate the classic breakfast and dessert drink.
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In Spain, thick, creamy hot chocolate “a la taza” has long been a classic breakfast treat and dessert drink, traditionally created by melting a bar of dark chocolate into fresh milk. Now, making authentic Spanish hot cocoa is fast and easy with Valor Chocolate’s new Taza To Go liquid drinking chocolate. The company, one of Spain’s original and most renowned chocolatiers, has created a ready-to-serve version of the country’s premier drink. Taza To Go, can be enjoyed warm, chilled or at room temperature—and it has the same consistency and flavor you would find at Valor’s chocolaterías throughout Spain, where millions of cups of chocolate a la taza are served each year.

Aside from being a drink on its own, Taza to Go can add flair to fondues (just pour in the pot and heat), desserts (drizzle on ice cream) and drinks (and to vodka to make a chocolate martini or to coffee for a quick mocha.)

Taza To Go comes in a handy pouch with an easy-pour spout, and is available in 13.52-ounce and 30.43-ounce sizes starting at $3.99 and $10. It can be purchased at Cost Plus World Market, specialty food and grocery stores and at valorchocolate.com and tienda.com. –Nicole Denis

Nicole Denis is a regular foodspring.com contributor and is the author of foodspring’s foodie-mom blog.


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