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Covering the movements changing the way we think about food.

Food isn’t just about taste and trends; big movements are seeking to change the way we think about and interact with food. For some, dietary restrictions—whether for health or culture—are a mainstay in daily life; for others, food is a channel for effecting social change.

Food movements have heightened efforts to certify products as kosher, gluten-free, Fair Trade and USDA Organic, among others. Often symbolized by a distinct icon on product packaging, these third-party certifications are a way for shoppers to support a definitive movement. Certification is strictly enforced, so certified products don’t come with the uncertainty of a package that simply says “natural”—a term that’s not regulated by any third party.

As technology intertwines with food movements (see: Find the Farmer, Food Safety Text Alerts, Foodprint), and the nation undergoes a shift toward a more food-focused culture—through mandatory calorie listings, the Child Nutrition Act, and updated food safety regulations—our ability to make educated (and safe) decisions about food grows more accessible. And that’s a movement we at foodspring.com can get behind.

Featured Food Movements

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organic food.

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What it means to be Kosher.

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Gluten Free

The rise of gluten free.

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Healthy & Functional

Foods for healthy living

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